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Spray Alluminizing

The aluminizing process is best suited for equipment operating under a high temperature environment consisting of surfaces such as industrial chimneys, mufflers, preheaters, stacks, ducts, boilers against corrosion and oxidation.

Aluminizing is a cold process where the with a standardised temperature setting with a wear resistant alloy quickly sprayed and deposited on a pre activated substrate resulting in a denser layer and powerful bonding with the base metal. At Mythri, the innovation of aluminizing process is applied via thermal spray wires, alloys and spray painting for reliable reclamation of critical and expensive machine components.

Transforming Aluminization

Thermal Spray Aluminizing process at Mythri adheres to IS: 5905, BS:2569 (Part I & II), BS: 5493 standards. Molten Aluminium is deposited onto a prepared surface. The sprayed metal is melted in an electric arc atomised by compressed air and then projected onto the substrate as per IS & BS standards.

Corrosion Protection:

High corrosion protection to metals in high temperature operations.

Surface Retention:

On site job, Ideal surface for painting with no metal peeling, shape or volume restrictions.

Spraying Thickness:

Optimum thickness with proven and globally accepted methodologies.

Very Economical:

Fast, Simple and economical conductivity with unique cold processing techniques.

Bond Strength:

Extreme bond Strength of the surface between the base metal and sprayed metal.

Thickness Measurement

This test is carried out to ensure that the coating provided adheres to the accepted standards. A self calibrated coating thickness gauge with test pieces is used to test the thickness of Aluminium Coating as per IS: 3203:1982.

Temperature Measurement

Temperatures of the components before and after the Thermal Spray Aluminization which will be followed by measurement procedure using a radiation pyrometer.

Profile Measurement

Profile measurement systems measure and record the profile of a target by tracing its surface using a stylus. Some instruments can even be used to test surface roughness.

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