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Thermo Cem Coating

Mythri Metalizing India innovated the Thermal Coating combination of metal alloys exclusively on Cement Plants. Thermo Cem Coatings at present MMI comes with Al+Zn+Cu+Fe+Ti alloy coating.

This new technology is highly beneficial and useful in reducing radiation losses, coal consumption, halt corrosion or erosion, heat oxidation enhancing the durability of the surface metal in terms of better protection of component, clean aesthetic presence and a proven Payback Period.

At Mythri, the expertise and legacy reaches far and wide across India and international covering cement manufacturing/processing sectors & actively working on components like PreHeater, Calciner, DUCT, TAD, Cyclones, Chimney, Kiln & other Areas.

Unprotected Plant

  • More Radiation Losses
  • More coal Consumption
  • Damage the component Unattractive
  • Short life span of components

Protected Plant

  • Reduction in radiation losses
  • To reduce the coal consumption
  • Good Protection component
  • Attractive Aesthetic Look
  • Extended life span of component

Thermo Cem Coating For

The material alloy metals are conductive in nature acting as a Thermal Insulator dissipating heat very slowly when compared to Steel.This reduces the radiation losses which will directly help on reduction of coal consumption.

At Mythri, the thermal coating procedure is executed with pure aluminium (99.5%) on the surface of preheater cyclones, ducts, calciner, TAD and other components.

As per Stephen Boltzmann Law considering the emissivity factor of many plants, it is found that:
The combination of alloy Thermal coating will hold the Heat for long time creating a prolonged heat conduction property. For 6000 TPD plant approximately 8 kilo calories of energy are being saved.

The investment on Thermo Cem coating will offer a PBP (an investment reap) within 14 months. This is in contrast to aluminium painting every 2 years without the benefits of protection from corrosion, losses due to radiation, safety of equipment and more.

Thermo Cem coating offers a 15 years of life durability with multiple benefits achievable with great technology and minimum expenditure.The complete floor test will be conducted under multiple screening methods such as surface profile measurement, coating thickness measurement, temperature reduction measurement and Pyrometer inspection.

At Mythri Metallizing India, the commitment shows the reduction on the floor test against the cost/bill. All the Measuring instruments are calibrated and approved by NABL agency. Standard Calculation procedure were adopted and verified by international level laboratories for radiation heat loss savings.

Thermo Cem Coating Process

Erection of working platforms
by scaffoldings

IS Cup lock Scaffolding Systems will be supplied and erected by professional and stage wise working platforms will be created without disturbing other works.


Surface preparation by abrasive blasting is a must for any protective coating. The surface of the metal will be thoroughly cleaned and roughened by compressed air with suitable abrasive as per IS and BS Standards.

Thermal Spray

The Aluminizing process is used to protect Components operating in high temperature environments against corrosion and oxidation. As a result, the most common parts coated are high temperature industrial chimneys and mufflers. Coating with sealants that can provide a base for paints to give long life structures.


This is the post coating treatment of the Aluminization process, this involves two coat applications of Heat resistant aluminum paint applied on the surfaces for value added benefits for the aluminization with aesthetic appearance.


Thickness Measurement

This test is carried out to ensure that the coating provided adheres to the accepted standards. A self calibrated coating thickness gauge with test pieces is used to test the thickness of Aluminium Coating as per IS: 3203:1982.

Temperature Measurement

Temperatures of the components before and after the Thermal Spray Aluminization which will be followed by measurement procedure using a radiation pyrometer.

Profile Measurement

Profile measurement systems measure and record the profile of a target by tracing its surface using a stylus. Some instruments can even be used to test surface roughness.

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